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Here are 84 recipes for stuffed artichokes.

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Stuffed artichokes - ( Agginares yemistes ) (greek-recipe.com)

Made With: grated, cheese, onion, finely, chopped, garlic, clove

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
59 servings

Fat 17.87g
Fiber 0.03g
Sodium 955.19mg
Calories 270.05kcal
Protein 24.05g

Dungeness Crab and Panko Stuffed Artichokes with Passion Fruit Vinaigrette (foodnetwork.com)

Made With: artichoke, white, onion, celery, stalk, japanese, bread, crumb, orange, juice, frozen, concentrate, canola

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
23 servings

Fat 38.66g
Fiber 2.24g
Sodium 171.29mg
Calories 424.59kcal
Protein 2.77g

Linda Domino's Stuffed Artichoke recipe (beaumontenterprise.com)

Made With: progresso, seasoned, bread, crumb, grated, romano, parmesan, cheese, granulated, garlic, chopped, parsley, salt, pepper, virgin, olive oil

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
27 servings

Fat 13.03g
Fiber 1.8g
Sodium 883.41mg
Calories 255.24kcal
Protein 9.37g

Stuffed Artichokes Recipe (sites.google.com)

Made With: progresso, italian, bread, crumb, grated, romano, cheese, parmesan, flat, parsley, chopped, extra, virgin, olive oil, fresh, artichoke, good, quality, size, whole, onion, finely, lemon

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
29 servings

Fat 6.35g
Fiber 2.72g
Sodium 487.49mg
Calories 225.34kcal
Protein 6.34g

Baked Artichokes Stuffed with Anchovies and Garlic (yum-recipes.com)

Made With: french, bread, loaf, crust, torn, extra-virgin, olive oil, chopped, fresh, mint, caper, anchovy, fillet, finely, garlic, clove, lemon, halved, artichoke, dry, juice

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
22 servings

Fat 14.8g
Fiber 2.3g
Sodium 250.96mg
Calories 260.92kcal
Protein 17.48g

Baked Artichokes Stuffed with Anchovies and Garlic (epicurious.com)

Made With: french, bread, loaf, crust, torn, extra-virgin, olive oil, chopped, fresh, mint, caper, anchovy, fillet, finely, garlic, clove, halved, lemon, medium, artichoke

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
21 servings

Fat 15.37g
Fiber 2.26g
Sodium 245.23mg
Calories 263.08kcal
Protein 17.97g

STUFFED ARTICHOKE (gumbopages.com)

Made With: bread, crumb, romano, cheese, grated, green, onion, chopped, parsley, salt, freshly, ground black pepper, cayenne, pepper, olive oil, lemon, bacon, crisp, crumble

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
16 servings

Fat 24.59g
Fiber 1.64g
Sodium 1270.96mg
Calories 300.83kcal
Protein 4.65g

Stuffed Artichokes (saveur.com)

Made With: freshly, grated, parmigiano-reggiano, chopped, fresh, mint, flat-leaf, parsley, salt, preferably, kosher, extra-virgin, olive oil

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
18 servings

Fat 26.85g
Fiber 0.08g
Sodium 6458.33mg
Calories 257.76kcal
Protein 4.32g

Stuffed Artichokes (epicurious.com)

Made With: fine, fresh, bread, crumb, italian, loaf, grated, parmigiano-reggiano, finely, chopped, flat-leaf, parsley, sweet, dried, sausage, provolone, cheese, olive oil, artichoke, medium, lemon, halved, chicken, broth, divided, garlic

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
14 servings

Fat 25.16g
Fiber 2.11g
Sodium 334.56mg
Calories 316.96kcal
Protein 11.4g

Stuffed Artichokes (dianaskitchen.com)

Made With: fresh, artichoke, butter, stick, ground, lamb, pine, nut, salt, pepper, cinnamon

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
14 servings

Fat 23.56g
Fiber 5.51g
Sodium 719.02mg
Calories 290.77kcal
Protein 11.12g

Mushroom and Artichoke Stuffed Trout (foodnetwork.com)

Made With: unsalted, butter, button, mushroom, cleaned, shallot, garlic, lemon, juice, heavy, cream, artichoke, heart, coarsely, chopped, chive, fine, dry, bread, crumb, whole, trout, thinly, extra-virgin, olive oil

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
11 servings

Fat 26.29g
Fiber 1.11g
Sodium 89.19mg
Calories 374.62kcal
Protein 30.99g

Crawfish-Stuffed Artichokes with Lagniappe ? Recipe (homecooking.about.com)

Made With: salt, sweet, paprika, onion, powder, garlic, dry, mustard, crushed, red, pepper, black pepper, white, cooked, tail, meat, medium, cucumber, chopped, skin, nonfat, mayonnaise, evaporated, skim, milk, freshly, grated, parmesan, cheese, optional, dressing, stuffed, artichoke, balsamic, vinegar

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
13 servings

Fat 23.19g
Fiber 3.81g
Sodium 458.32mg
Calories 289.66kcal
Protein 7.49g

/ Stuffed Artichokes Recipe (food.com)

Made With: lemon, juice, parmesan, cheese, sweet, basil, chopped, finely, olive oil

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
9 servings

Fat 40.32g
Fiber 0.16g
Sodium 255.95mg
Calories 388.53kcal
Protein 6.72g

Turkey and Artichoke Stuffed Shells with Arrabbiata Sauce (foodnetwork.com)

Made With: jumbo, pasta, shell, extra-virgin, olive oil, large, yellow, onion, chopped, ground, turkey, kosher, salt, freshly, ground black pepper, frozen, artichoke, thawed, coarsely, ricotta, cheese, grated, parmesan, egg, lightly, beaten, fresh, flat-leaf, parsley

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
11 servings

Fat 16.21g
Fiber 1.12g
Sodium 315.09mg
Calories 307.84kcal
Protein 19.43g

Stuffed artichokes in olive oil (elook.org)

Made With: flour, fresh, green, fava, bean, olive oil, finely, chopped, onion, salt, rice, sugar, dill

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
8 servings

Fat 33.51g
Fiber 2.2g
Sodium 6.23mg
Calories 349.38kcal
Protein 1.97g

Braised Stuffed Artichoke A la Barigoule (events.nytimes.com)

Made With: white, onion, carrot, olive oil, wine, mashed, potatoes, asparagus, tip, black, olive, pitted, chopped

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
8 servings

Fat 17.01g
Fiber 2.81g
Sodium 608.62mg
Calories 309.11kcal
Protein 2.15g

Baby Artichokes Stuffed with Crab Salad (foodandwine.com)

Made With: lemon, halved, juice, baby, artichoke, extra-virgin, olive oil, finely, onion, dry, white, wine, vinegar, black, peppercorn, coriander, seed, bay leaves, chive

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
9 servings

Fat 6.55g
Fiber 15.59g
Sodium 273.32mg
Calories 232.16kcal
Protein 9.47g

Ricotta- and Walnut-Stuffed Artichokes (epicurious.com)

Made With: fresh, lemon, juice, walnut, toasted, ricotta, cheese, extra-virgin, olive oil, divided, garlic, clove, chopped, salt, ground, white, pepper, nutmeg, coarsely, italian, parsley, dry, wine

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
6 servings

Fat 32.22g
Fiber 0.19g
Sodium 460.27mg
Calories 364.78kcal
Protein 8.72g


Made With: black, olive, chopped, buttered, cracker, crushed, fine, bread, crumb, parmesan, cheese, olive oil, parsley, salt, pepper, chicken, broth, butter

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
7 servings

Fat 25.36g
Fiber 3.52g
Sodium 947.73mg
Calories 305.1kcal
Protein 7.26g

/ Shrimp Stuffed Artichokes Au Gratin Recipe (food.com)

Made With: artichoke, butter, flour, milk, cheese, grated, shrimp, cooked, canned, fine, top, tender

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
7 servings

Fat 15.33g
Fiber 6.39g
Sodium 667.95mg
Calories 299.83kcal
Protein 20.58g

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