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Chinese Steamed Clams (diabeticgourmet.com)

Made With: vegetable, oil, green, onion, finely, chopped, fresh, ginger, garlic, clove, cilantro, high

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
142 servings

Fat 49.86g
Sodium 0.03mg
Calories 440.83kcal

Crispy Sushi with Steamed Clams , Wasabi and Fermented Black Beans (yum-recipes.com)

Made With: vegetable, short, raw, tuna, strip, long, thick, dry, white, wine, fermented, black, bean, ginger, garlic, chicken, stock, cold, butter, small, red, vinegar, dark, sesame, oil, olive oil, chopped, cilantro, leaves, sugar, mixture

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
27 servings

Fat 27.14g
Fiber 1.95g
Sodium 385.76mg
Calories 330.92kcal
Protein 13.77g

Steamed Clams and Lobster with Shallot Butter , Corn , Sausages and Potatoes (epicurious.com)

Made With: clam, sweet, italian, turkey, sausage, white, potatoes, unpeeled, dried, oregano, crushed, red, pepper, lobster, live, ear, corn

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
25 servings

Fat 5.22g
Fiber 1.3g
Sodium 567.28mg
Calories 246.72kcal
Protein 35.3g

Portuguese Steamed Clams (allrecipes.com)

Made With: clam, shell, chorizo, chunk, tomatoes, white, wine, olive oil

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
21 servings

Fat 16.02g
Fiber 0.29g
Sodium 564.35mg
Calories 272.81kcal
Protein 21.87g

Recipe : Steamed clams with pesto (chefsblade.com)

Made With: olive oil, fl, clam, juice, white, wine, pine, nut, toasted, parmigiano, shaved, basil, fresh, coarsely, chopped, parsley, salt, kosher

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
12 servings

Fat 20.89g
Fiber 0.16g
Sodium 969.23mg
Calories 285.26kcal
Protein 21.66g

Spicy Steamed Clams ? Recipe (homecooking.about.com)

Made With: clam, shell, plum, tomatoes, sweet, onion, parsley, olive oil, tabasco, hot, sauce, dry, white, wine, kosher, salt, freshly, ground black pepper

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
15 servings

Fat 3.29g
Fiber 0.25g
Sodium 297.1mg
Calories 205.58kcal
Protein 31.18g

Basque Style Steamed Clams ( Almejas Guisadas ) (recipes.recipeland.com)

Made With: clam, medium, onion, olive oil, white, wine, dry, black pepper, freshly, ground

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
14 servings

Fat 3.49g
Fiber 0.14g
Sodium 146.39mg
Calories 216.55kcal
Protein 33.24g

Steamed Clams with Spicy Italian Sausage and Fennel (epicurious.com)

Made With: olive oil, spicy, italian, sausage, coarsely, crumbled, fennel, seed, crushed, clam, juice, chopped, fresh, oregano

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
8 servings

Fat 20.89g
Fiber 0.55g
Sodium 591.78mg
Calories 325.76kcal
Protein 25.27g

Portuguese-Style Steamed Clams (recipegoldmine.com)

Made With: bacon, crushed, red, pepper, swanson, chicken, broth, regular, natural, goodness, certified, organic, dry, white, wine, tomatoes, fresh, cilantro, loaf, italian, bread

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
8 servings

Fat 12.43g
Fiber 3.02g
Sodium 1028.94mg
Calories 243.74kcal
Protein 16.55g


Made With: bacon, chopped, garlic, clove, finely, tomatoes, baby, spinach, packed

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
4 servings

Fat 33.62g
Fiber 3.74g
Sodium 1674.38mg
Calories 367.32kcal
Protein 13.04g

Steamed Clams with Cilantro and Red Pepper (epicurious.com)

Made With: unsalted, butter, thinly, green, onion, chopped, fresh, cilantro, sake, dry, garlic, clove, pressed, worcestershire, sauce, dried, crushed, red, pepper, clam

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
5 servings

Fat 12.35g
Fiber 0.62g
Sodium 50.01mg
Calories 280.96kcal
Protein 7.99g

Sebastians Recipe for Beer and Bacon Steamed Clams Recipe (chow.com)

Made With: bacon, chopped, fresh, parsley, clam, well, beer

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
5 servings

Fat 7.23g
Fiber 0.08g
Sodium 530.33mg
Calories 285.3kcal
Protein 39.9g

Steamed Clams with Bacon and Beer Recipe (homecooking.about.com)

Made With: bacon, chopped, clam, well

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
5 servings

Fat 7.22g
Sodium 527.15mg
Calories 264.04kcal
Protein 39.61g

Fennel Steamed Clams with Italian Sausage ( ) (medcookingalaska.blogspot.com)

Made With: italian, sausage, optional, yellow, onion, fennel, bulb, pepper, crushed, red, seed, ground, dry, white, wine, fresh, parsley

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
3 servings

Fat 14.39g
Fiber 1.7g
Sodium 308mg
Calories 351.99kcal
Protein 6.44g

Steamed Clams with Chorizo , Citrus and Saffron Aioli (foodnetwork.com)

Made With: extra-virgin, olive oil, garlic, clove, clam, cleaned, spanish, white, wine, orange

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
4 servings

Fat 8.98g
Fiber 0.42g
Sodium 129.6mg
Calories 240.05kcal
Protein 29.36g

Steamed Clams in Butter and Sake (allrecipes.com)

Made With: sake, japanese, sweet, wine, clam, shell, butter, soy sauce, green, onion, chopped

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
3 servings

Fat 13.53g
Fiber 0.09g
Sodium 300.19mg
Calories 264.47kcal
Protein 24.55g

C Restaurant ` s Simply Steamed Clams Recipe (cdkitchen.com)

Made With: washed, clam, white, wine, chopped, shallot, butter, oil, fresh, herb

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
3 servings

Fat 14.4g
Sodium 87.25mg
Calories 254.7kcal
Protein 19.53g


Made With: white, wine, dairy, sour, cream, florida, orange, juice, prepared, horseradish, grated, peel, caviar, red, black, rock, salt

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
8 servings

Fat 3.57g
Fiber 0.14g
Sodium 14223mg
Calories 88.58kcal
Protein 1.36g


Made With: chicken, stock, oil, oyster, sauce, asian, fish, sugar, salt, potato, starch

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
2 servings

Fat 24.53g
Fiber 3.08g
Sodium 2139.61mg
Calories 333.11kcal
Protein 20.5g

Clam or Mussels Steamed with Fennel and Vermouth (recipelink.com)

Made With: fennel, seed, olive oil, dried, thyme

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
1 servings

Fat 53.45g
Fiber 0.75g
Sodium 2.45mg
Calories 476.62kcal
Protein 0.24g

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