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/ Beef Samosa Recipe (food.com)

Made With: frozen, pea, vegetable, oil, cumin, seed, ground, beef, garlic, clove, crushed, ground black pepper, salt, coriander, turmeric, chili, powder, cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne, pepper, deep, egg, roll, potatoes, tender

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
37 servings

Fat 26.74g
Fiber 1.2g
Sodium 328.88mg
Calories 363.96kcal
Protein 6.92g

Hyderabadi Samosa is a tasty , chicken-filled recipe . Learn how to make / prepare Hyderabadi Samosa by following this easy reci (indobase.com)

Made With: flour, milk, ghee, ginger, juice, garlic, salt, chicken, onion, green, chillies, coriander, seed, cumin, dry, now, triangle, deep, hot, oil

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
20 servings

Fat 18.53g
Fiber 1.18g
Sodium 361.76mg
Calories 287.93kcal
Protein 7.64g

Samosa Recipe - Indian vegetarian snack (indianchild.com)

Made With: large, white, potatoes, boiled, mashed, green, pea, cumin, seed, mango, powder, red, chilli, fennel, all purpose, flour, heated, ghee, oil, well, deep, golden, brown

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
20 servings

Fat 12.34g
Fiber 3.41g
Sodium 60.1mg
Calories 251.37kcal
Protein 4.52g

Samosa ( Potato Stuffed Pastry ) (food-india.com)

Made With: flour, salt, oil, medium, potatoes, onion, finely, chopped, green, pea, ginger, grated, hot, chili, coriander, cilantro, ground, cumin, seed, deep, peel, size, potato, mixture

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
14 servings

Fat 27.74g
Fiber 1.61g
Sodium 354.94mg
Calories 330kcal
Protein 3.03g

Beef Samosas Recipe (theworldwidegourmet.com)

Made With: ground, beef, frozen, pea, soy, soya, bean, sprout, bamboo, shoot, chili, paste, powdered, sugar, onion, curry, powder, vegetable, oil, coarsely, chop

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
10 servings

Fat 47.8g
Fiber 1.19g
Sodium 30.94mg
Calories 463.67kcal
Protein 8.84g

Margaux ` s Spinach Samosas Recipe (cdkitchen.com)

Made With: frozen, chopped, spinach, thawed, unsalted, butter, mustard, seed, yellow, onion, cumin, ground, cardamom, feta, cheese, cream, lemon, flour, salt, vegetable, oil

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
12 servings

Fat 25.15g
Fiber 1.56g
Sodium 250.65mg
Calories 317.95kcal
Protein 5.36g

Samosas ( frugal ) (elook.org)

Made With: ghee, potatoes, garlic, clove, onion, yellow, finely, chopped, ginger, fresh, grated, coriander, lemon, juice, pea, frozen, thawed, salt, medium, ground, lamb, beef, cinnamon, flour, all purpose, vegetable, oil

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
13 servings

Fat 18.08g
Fiber 2.09g
Sodium 241.26mg
Calories 287.29kcal
Protein 9.86g

Samosas (cookitsimply.com)

Made With: plain, flour, salt, oil, potatoes, small, carrot, grated, green, pea, shelled, bean, chopped, chilli, powder, ground, turmeric, lemon, juice, deep

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
12 servings

Fat 21.91g
Fiber 1.97g
Sodium 256mg
Calories 303.08kcal
Protein 3.7g

Rectangular Sambusac aka Samosa (visualrecipes.com)

Made With: sausage, ground, meat, medium, potato, parmesan, cheese, tomato, onion, paste

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
13 servings

Fat 21.04g
Fiber 0.67g
Sodium 600.57mg
Calories 287.18kcal
Protein 19.45g

Samosas ( jaffrey ) (elook.org)

Made With: whole, wheat, flour, vegetable, oil, salt, deep, boiled, potatoes, fennel, seed, cumin, black, mustard, dried, red, chilies, turmeric, lemon, juice

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
13 servings

Fat 14.3g
Fiber 3.84g
Sodium 278.73mg
Calories 251.14kcal
Protein 4.2g

This Fish Samosa Recipe will get you a different taste of this delightful , exotic pastry . (thecookduke.com)

Made With: freshly, grated, coconut, unbleached, flour, salt, oil, medium, posted, pastry, sea, food

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
10 servings

Fat 19.39g
Fiber 0.68g
Sodium 275.28mg
Calories 317.87kcal
Protein 4.02g

Egg Samosa is a very popular recipe . Learn how to make / prepare Egg Samosa by following this easy recipe . (indobase.com)

Made With: all purpose, flour, salt, green, chili, oil, ghee, butter

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
10 servings

Fat 26.34g
Fiber 0.86g
Sodium 244.29mg
Calories 320.77kcal
Protein 3.22g

/ Spicy Turkey Samosas With Cranberry and Pepper Chutney Recipe (food.com)

Made With: all-purpose, flour, salt, oil, cooked, turkey, medium, onion, chopped, curry, powder, cayenne, pepper, coriander, ginger, vegetable, white

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
10 servings

Fat 19.08g
Fiber 1.43g
Sodium 698.31mg
Calories 318.52kcal
Protein 10.79g

Samosa Recipe (indiasnacks.com)

Made With: potatoes, coriander, seed, salt, anise, stick, cinnamon, indian, jeera, cumin, dried, pomegranate, nutmeg, red, chillies, dry, ginger, white, flour, oil

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
12 servings

Fat 9.45g
Fiber 2.26g
Sodium 644.82mg
Calories 239.7kcal
Protein 4.44g

Samosa Recipe (fivefortyathome.blogspot.com)

Made With: flour, salt, turmeric, paprika, cold, butter, oil, onion, ginger, garlic, cumin, curry, powder, coriander, chili, sauce, lemon, juice, head, cauliflower, chopped, small, frozen, pea

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
11 servings

Fat 12.96g
Fiber 1.81g
Sodium 634.43mg
Calories 250.7kcal
Protein 4.32g

Chinese Samosa is a very popular recipe . Learn How To Make Chinese Samosa by following this easy recipe . (indobase.com)

Made With: noodle, boiled, carrot, grated, onion, cabbage, oil, deep

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
7 servings

Fat 40.97g
Fiber 1.66g
Sodium 40.07mg
Calories 398.67kcal
Protein 1.29g

Samosa recipe - Vegetarian (thecookduke.com)

Made With: boiled, potatoes, cooked, green, pea, salt, red, chili, powder, ginger, paste, fennel, seed, plain, flour, oil, deep, medium

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
8 servings

Fat 30.85g
Fiber 0.92g
Sodium 296.42mg
Calories 340.63kcal
Protein 2.08g

For this Potato Samosas recipe you need (sanatansociety.org)

Made With: medium, potatoes, boiled, mango, powder, dried, pomegranate, seed, finely, ground, oregano, ginger, chopped, fresh, salt, shelled, green, pea, cooked, optional, ghee, potato, mixture

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
9 servings

Fat 20.69g
Fiber 3.42g
Sodium 413.02mg
Calories 289.15kcal
Protein 3.78g

Cooking Class : Vegetable Samosa recipe (canadianliving.com)

Made With: potatoes, carrot, vegetable, oil, brown, black, mustard, seed, cayenne, pepper, salt, frozen, pea, lemon, juice, chopped, fresh, coriander, all-purpose, flour, cumin, preferably, cold, butter, milk

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
10 servings

Fat 9.64g
Fiber 1.73g
Sodium 509.32mg
Calories 242.12kcal
Protein 6.55g

Gluten-Free Whole Grain Vegan Baked Indian Samosa Recipe (bookofyum.com)

Made With: brown, rice, salt, shortening, margarine, milk, spray, flour, potato, starch, tapioca

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
10 servings

Fat 7.17g
Fiber 1.83g
Sodium 184.97mg
Calories 228.62kcal
Protein 3.63g

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