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Green Plantain Turkey ? Stuffing (latinfood.about.com)

Made With: cooked, bacon, chopped, small, sweet, chili, pepper, seeded, finely, olive oil, chicken, broth, oil, plantain, flat, round, hot, crisp, golden, brown

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
104 servings

Fat 57.23g
Fiber 0.09g
Sodium 100.74mg
Calories 514.89kcal
Protein 1.5g

Plantain Chips (epicurious.com)

Made With: finely, grated, fresh, lime, zest, chopped, salt, cayenne, vegetable, oil, green, plantain

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
35 servings

Fat 39.07g
Fiber 0.68g
Sodium 101.44mg
Calories 377.73kcal
Protein 0.29g

Stuffed Plantains with Sweet Cream (virtualcities.com)

Made With: plantain, broken, chunk, refried, black, bean, white, sugar, salt, oil, plain, whole, milk, yogurt, heavy, cream, vanilla, extract

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
35 servings

Fat 26.12g
Fiber 2.68g
Sodium 71.98mg
Calories 314.68kcal
Protein 3.38g

Plantain Chips (epicurious.com)

Made With: vegetable, oil, green, plantain

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
33 servings

Fat 29.43g
Fiber 2.34g
Sodium 16.7mg
Calories 331.06kcal
Protein 1.56g

> Stuffed Sweet Plantain Fritter Balls ( Relleno de Platano ) (care2.com)

Made With: very, ripe, black, unpeeled, soft, plantain, rinsed, prepared, cooked, filling, choice, oil, ground, meat, dried, oregano, olive oil, salt, black pepper, cumin, large, green, spanish, stuffed, olive, chopped, caper, peel

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
30 servings

Fat 30.15g
Fiber 1.22g
Sodium 55.91mg
Calories 335.43kcal
Protein 2.05g

Cook the Book : Plantain Shoestring Fries (seriouseats.com)

Made With: kosher, salt, grated, lime, zest, cayenne, pepper, peanut, oil

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
22 servings

Fat 49.09g
Fiber 0.01g
Sodium 326.16mg
Calories 438.17kcal

Plantain Coated Sea Bass with Mango Wine Sauce (foodnetwork.com)

Made With: sea, bass, fillet, flour, egg, lightly, beaten, ripe, banana, canola, oil, spanish, onion, long, rice

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
18 servings

Fat 49.76g
Fiber 0.54g
Sodium 12.44mg
Calories 477.21kcal
Protein 3.2g

Coconut Rice with Black Beans and Fried Plantains Recipe (chow.com)

Made With: bean, dried, black, overnight, smoked, bacon, canola, oil, finely, chopped, poblano, pepper, garlic, red, onion, carrot, celery, bay leaf, cumin, seed, freshly, toasted, ground, coriander, long-grain, white, rice, fried, plantain, ripe, stick, unsalted, butter

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
35 servings

Fat 4.29g
Fiber 4.5g
Sodium 20.67mg
Calories 212.68kcal
Protein 6.85g

Mang ? ( Mashed plantains ) (thecookingadventuresofchefpaz.com)

Made With: large, onion, red, vinegar, peel, plantain

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
26 servings

Fat 18.24g
Fiber 1.02g
Sodium 256.32mg
Calories 284.83kcal
Protein 3.69g

March 14 , 2007 | Filed Under Plantains , Plantains , How Do I Love Thee ? Let Me Count the Ways | 1 Comment (thecookingadventuresofchefpaz.com)

Made With: large, onion, red, vinegar, peel, plantain

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
26 servings

Fat 18.24g
Fiber 1.02g
Sodium 256.32mg
Calories 284.83kcal
Protein 3.69g

How to make Moira Plantain Croquettes : (indobase.com)

Made With: milk, raisin, big, banana, ripe, sugar, coconut, cashew, nut, crushed, cardamom, powder, butter

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
27 servings

Fat 15.03g
Fiber 1.01g
Sodium 43.61mg
Calories 258.56kcal
Protein 5.13g

Sweet Plantain Fritters (epicurious.com)

Made With: all-purpose, flour, light, brown, sugar, baking powder, salt, very, ripe, black, plantain, granulated, cinnamon, vegetable, oil

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
21 servings

Fat 20.69g
Fiber 1.44g
Sodium 16.95mg
Calories 287.65kcal
Protein 1.32g

Tostones : Savory Plantains (foodandwine.com)

Made With: firm, green, plantain, vegetable, oil, salt, lime

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
23 servings

Fat 28.07g
Fiber 0.62g
Sodium 4921.57mg
Calories 270.54kcal
Protein 0.32g

2 green plantains (latinfood.about.com)

Made With: plantain, flat, round, hot, oil, crisp, golden, brown

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
14 servings

Fat 46.31g
Fiber 0.25g
Sodium 0.55mg
Calories 421.93kcal
Protein 0.09g

Pastelon de Platano Maduro ( ripe plantain lasagna ) (cookscompass.com)

Made With: ground, beef, tomato, sauce, vegetable, oil, cheese

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
16 servings

Fat 34.96g
Fiber 0.34g
Sodium 316.46mg
Calories 359.2kcal
Protein 12.29g

Chicken and Pork Stew with Plantains and Potatoes (epicurious.com)

Made With: green, plantain, extra-virgin, olive oil, garlic, clove, crushed, dried, oregano, salt, cayenne, pepper, ground, allspice, skinless, boneless, chicken, thigh, pork, sparerib, butt, broth, tomatoes, juice, very, large, red, potatoes, ear, corn, round, chopped, fresh, cilantro

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
17 servings

Fat 18.55g
Fiber 1.41g
Sodium 450.13mg
Calories 320.99kcal
Protein 21.26g

Blackened Pork Chops on a Mango Salsa with Plantain Crisps (foodiesite.com)

Made With: pork, chop, oregano, dried, thyme, cayenne, pepper, smoked, mild, paprika, garlic, ground, freshly, ground pepper, maldon, salt, maple, syrup, walnut, oil, spring, onion, finely, chopped, large, red, chillies, deseeded, coriander, leaves, stem, sugar, crushed, juice, lime, olive oil, plantain, crisps, green, thinly, length, way, deep

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
16 servings

Fat 18.97g
Fiber 1.67g
Sodium 632.9mg
Calories 317.62kcal
Protein 19.12g

Maduros : Sweet Plantains (foodandwine.com)

Made With: vegetable, oil, very, ripe, black, sweet, plantain

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
12 servings

Fat 35.92g
Fiber 1.03g
Sodium 1.79mg
Calories 362.77kcal
Protein 0.58g

/ Torta De Platano Maduro ( Ripe Plantain Cake ) Recipe (food.com)

Made With: butter, plantain, very, ripe, crosswise, lengthwise, queso, blanco, grated, muenster, cheese, sugar, ground, cinnamon, egg, white, yolk, mixture, more

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
30 servings

Fat 7.73g
Fiber 0.08g
Sodium 263.47mg
Calories 136.65kcal
Protein 13.3g

Tostones ( Fried Plantains ) (allrecipes.com)

Made With: vegetable, oil, plantain, salt, garlic, powder

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
16 servings

Fat 26.84g
Fiber 0.28g
Sodium 7074.19mg
Calories 244.3kcal
Protein 0.18g

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