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Chicken Fruit Kebobs Recipe (cdkitchen.com)

Made With: chicken, tenderloin, large, green, seedless, grape, plum, seeded, quartered, ketchup, apricot, preserves, brown, sugar, crushed, pineapple, juice

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
127 servings

Fat 0.63g
Fiber 2.79g
Sodium 44.54mg
Calories 214.16kcal
Protein 2.73g

Fresh Fruit Kabobs (breakfast-and-brunch-recipes.com)

Made With: fresh, strawberries, seedless, grape, pineapple, chunk, mandarin, orange, mayonnaise, marshmallow, creme, finely, chopped, grated, rind, ginger

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
122 servings

Fat 0.81g
Fiber 4.1g
Sodium 11.61mg
Calories 180.46kcal
Protein 1.99g

Recipe : Fruit kabobs with orange marmalade yogurt dressing / dip (blog.mlive.com)

Made With: medium, red, apple, fresh, orange, juice, pineapple, cored, chunk, green, grape, strawberries, cap, rinsed, dried, vanilla, yogurt, marmalade, toasted, flaked, coconut

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
120 servings

Fat 0.48g
Fiber 2.44g
Sodium 6.19mg
Calories 177.6kcal
Protein 1.88g

Chicken and Fruit Kabobs (favoritebrandrecipes.com)

Made With: honey, fresh, lemon, juice, dijon, mustard, chopped, ginger, boneless, skinless, chicken, breast, plum, pitted, quartered, firm, banana, chunk, pineapple, medium

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
24 servings

Fat 12.05g
Fiber 2.01g
Sodium 342.88mg
Calories 290.14kcal
Protein 11.69g

Cheese and Fruit Kabobs (kraftfoods.com)

Made With: seedless, red, grape, small, fresh, strawberries, strawberry, low-fat, yogurt

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
31 servings

Fat 0.48g
Fiber 2.36g
Sodium 5.91mg
Calories 180.53kcal
Protein 1.97g

Frozen Fruit Kabobs (wholefoodsmarket.com)

Made With: orange, juice, medium, strawberries, chunk, pineapple, banana, unsweetened, coconut, finely, grated, shaved, chocolate

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
21 servings

Fat 0.69g
Fiber 2.68g
Sodium 9.44mg
Calories 190.3kcal
Protein 1.06g

Tiny Chocolate Cakes with Fruit Kabobs (cooksrecipes.com)

Made With: house, chocolate, vegetable, shortening, cake, frozen, strawberries, syrup, thawed, more, granulated, sugar

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
14 servings

Fat 2.57g
Fiber 1.33g
Sodium 128.89mg
Calories 205.13kcal
Protein 2.37g

Chicken and Fruit Kabobs with Mustard-Leek Sauce (recipeland.com)

Made With: chicken, breast, boneless, skinless, banana, small, peaches, medium, plum, spray, vegetable, curry, powder, sauce, broth, dijon, mustard, white, vinegar, distilled, black pepper, cornstarch

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
11 servings

Fat 8.84g
Fiber 6.18g
Sodium 386.73mg
Calories 265.38kcal
Protein 15.23g

Cinnamon-Glazed Fruit Kabobs (alanskitchen.com)

Made With: butter, melted, sugar, ground, cinnamon, pineapple, chunk, juice, apple, cored, ripe, banana, apricot, pitted, quarters, substitute, fresh

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
11 servings

Fat 4.67g
Fiber 4.48g
Sodium 32.1mg
Calories 198.42kcal
Protein 1.81g

Fruit Kabob Critter (wchstv.com)

Made With: seedless, watermelon, honeydew, melon

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
12 servings

Fat 0.8g
Fiber 2.84g
Sodium 33.77mg
Calories 172.95kcal
Protein 3.2g

Fruit Kabobs With Margarita Dip Recipe (cdkitchen.com)

Made With: dairy, sour, cream, size, cheese, softened, powdered, sugar, orange, juice, concentrate, lime, whipping, angel, cake

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
9 servings

Fat 8.23g
Fiber 0.78g
Sodium 420.47mg
Calories 223.05kcal
Protein 4g

Chicken And Fruit Kabobs With Mustard-Leek Sauce Recipe (informationaboutdiabetes.com)

Made With: chicken, breast, boneless, banana, small, peaches, medium, pitted, plum, green, onion, top, broth, mustard, distilled, white, vinegar, curry, powder, pepper, cornstarch, spray, lightly

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
7 servings

Fat 13.06g
Fiber 3.26g
Sodium 333.38mg
Calories 297.25kcal
Protein 18.24g

Grilled Fruit Kebobs With Maple Syrup Recipe (cdkitchen.com)

Made With: whole, strawberries, stem, trimmed, lengthwise, kiwi, quartered, length, fresh, pineapple, chunk, sugar-free, maple, syrup, cinnamon, vanilla, extract, butter, fruit

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
9 servings

Fat 4.32g
Fiber 3.65g
Sodium 32.53mg
Calories 197.37kcal
Protein 1.18g

Grilled Tenderloin And Fresh Summer Stone Fruit Kabobs Recipe (cdkitchen.com)

Made With: marinated, pork, tenderloin, flavor, great, firm, nectarine, peaches, plum, melted, butter, fresh, mint, chopped

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
9 servings

Fat 8.53g
Fiber 2.03g
Sodium 448.15mg
Calories 215.62kcal
Protein 19.36g

/ Marinated Fruit Kabobs Recipe (food.com)

Made With: sugar, lemon, juice, orange, apple, chunk, pear, green, grape, red, pineapple, quality, brand, mandarin

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
9 servings

Fat 0.33g
Fiber 3g
Sodium 3.93mg
Calories 190.61kcal
Protein 1.18g

Grilled Fruit Kabobs Recipe (thatsmyhome.com)

Made With: ripe, pear, apple, peaches, pineapple, chunk, softened, butter, orange, zest

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
6 servings

Fat 15.65g
Fiber 5.01g
Sodium 110.73mg
Calories 267.05kcal
Protein 1.37g

RumBa Fruit Kabobs Recipe (wittyliving.com)

Made With: brown, sugar, vanilla, extract, cinnamon, ginger, red, pepper, pineapple, chunk, ripe, yellow, banana

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
8 servings

Fat 0.18g
Fiber 1.21g
Sodium 7.26mg
Calories 183.9kcal
Protein 0.5g

Grilled Fruit Kebobs with Pineapple-Mint Glaze (wholefoodsmarket.com)

Made With: pineapple, juice, orange, lime, finely, chopped, mint, ripe, honeydew, melon, halved, seeded, cantaloupe, cored, chunk

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
8 servings

Fat 0.57g
Fiber 3.48g
Sodium 44.35mg
Calories 168.5kcal
Protein 2.26g

Bourbon Minted Fruit Kabobs (foodnetwork.com)

Made With: sugar, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, strawberries, grape

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
7 servings

Fat 0.41g
Fiber 2.93g
Sodium 9.94mg
Calories 174.13kcal
Protein 1.07g

Beef and Fruit Kabobs (recipeland.com)

Made With: sirloin, steak, boneless, thick, yogurt, plain, lemon, juice, fresh, curry, powder, red, pepper, flake, ground

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
5 servings

Fat 10.84g
Fiber 0.24g
Sodium 509.6mg
Calories 281.33kcal
Protein 42g

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