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Here are 60 recipes for cottage pie.

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Cottage Pie Recipe (jeenaskitchen.blogspot.com)

Made With: pack, lean, beef, carrot, small, mushroom, large, potatoes, freshly, cooked, mashed, chop, well, softened, ready, fresh, little, evenly, top

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
115 servings

Fat 8.24g
Fiber 0.2g
Sodium 39.63mg
Calories 142.91kcal
Protein 14.12g

Mexican cottage pie (itv.com)

Made With: medium, potatoes, garlic, clove, white, onion, yellow, pepper, red, lean, beef, steak, pickled, green, jalapeno, chopped, juice, tomatoes, wine, square, dark, chocolate, unsalted, butter, cheese, sour, cream, liqueur, zest, fresh, lime, sweet, plum, pineapple, chilli, crushed, reduced, mince, melted, off

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
97 servings

Fat 12.6g
Fiber 3.85g
Sodium 10.05mg
Calories 128.45kcal
Protein 3.61g

| Bridgewater Inn & Cottage Black Walnut Raisin Pie (bbonline.com)

Made With: black, walnut, tree, unbaked, pie, shell, egg, beaten, light, brown, sugar, dark, corn, syrup, crushed, vanilla, raisin

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
95 servings

Fat 6.43g
Fiber 0.54g
Sodium 96.74mg
Calories 128.27kcal
Protein 1.18g

Beef Cottage Cheese ? Pie (busycooks.about.com)

Made With: unbaked, pie, crust, ground, beef, pepper, ketchup, mustard, flour, egg, beaten, cottage, cheese, grated, parmesan

Serving Size: 250g / 9oz.
32 servings

Fat 18.9g
Fiber 1.2g
Sodium 332.39mg
Calories 329.89kcal
Protein 6.03g

This lemon pie is made with lemon juice , gelatin , cottage cheeese , and cherry pie filling . (southernfood.about.com)

Made With: graham, cracker, cookie, crumb, crust, unflavored, gelatin, milk, cottage, cheese, sugar, frozen, lemonade, concentrate, thawed, small, whipping, cream, whipped, cherry, pie, filling

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
79 servings

Fat 5.89g
Fiber 0.45g
Sodium 101.3mg
Calories 127.46kcal
Protein 1.61g

Shepards Pie or Cottage Pie (netcooks.com)

Made With: mashed, potatoes, onion, cinnamon, cheddar, cheese, optional, meat, lightly, well, mixture, potato, grated, very, hot

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
74 servings

Fat 8.47g
Fiber 0.21g
Sodium 464.14mg
Calories 133.65kcal
Protein 11.46g

two-potato-cottage-pie recipe (fatfree.com)

Made With: barley, rib, celery, carrot, mushroom, chopped, basil, parsley, red, wine, potatoes, mashed, sweet potatoes, kind, potato, more, bubble, golden

Serving Size: 100g / 4oz.
37 servings

Fat 0.33g
Fiber 3.51g
Sodium 57.46mg
Calories 191.69kcal
Protein 4.2g

/ Lazy Cottage Pie Recipe (food.com)

Made With: green, bean, pea, carrot, mixed, leftover, veggie, condensed, tomato, soup, mashed, potatoes, instant, cheddar, cheese, optional, top

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
47 servings

Fat 0.69g
Fiber 1.96g
Sodium 361.65mg
Calories 96.71kcal
Protein 2.32g

Cottage Cheese Pie recipe is published in our February , 2000 Menu Minder . (askyourneighbor.com)

Made With: dry, cottage, cheese, farmer, evaporated, milk, egg, beaten, granulated, sugar, salt, vanilla, seedless, raisin, nutmeg, slightly, large, small, curd, crushed, pineapple, coconut

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
36 servings

Fat 5.46g
Fiber 0.13g
Sodium 101.7mg
Calories 120.74kcal
Protein 4.06g

/ Classic Cottage Pie Recipe (food.com)

Made With: potato, topping, yukon, gold, potatoes, chicken, stock, head, garlic, butter, sour, cream, milk, extra, virgin, olive oil, ground, sirloin, clove, medium, onion, carrot, grated, stalk, celery, porcini, mushroom, flour, worcestershire, sauce, ketchup, red, wine

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
29 servings

Fat 6.12g
Fiber 2.05g
Sodium 228.58mg
Calories 125.4kcal
Protein 10.14g

Savoury Cottage Pie (cookitsimply.com)

Made With: oil, raw, cooked, beef, curry, powder, canned, tomatoes, potatoes, milk, butter, melted, just

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
21 servings

Fat 11.62g
Fiber 1.07g
Sodium 120.29mg
Calories 153.58kcal
Protein 7.96g

Cottage Pie Recipe (caloriecount.about.com)

Made With: ground, lamb, carrot, artichoke, potatoes, butter, olive oil, parmesan, cheese, oregano, stock, mixture

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
21 servings

Fat 10.38g
Fiber 1.46g
Sodium 67.64mg
Calories 149.38kcal
Protein 9.21g

Cottage Cheese Pie Maker (pie-maker.com)

Made With: salt, sugar, flour, egg, beaten, cream, vanilla, dry, cottage, cheese, bit, butter, sweet, milk, lemon, extract

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
26 servings

Fat 3.23g
Fiber 0.08g
Sodium 114.63mg
Calories 111.73kcal
Protein 3.38g

Cottage Pie (inmamaskitchen.com)

Made With: olive oil, ground, beef, dry, white, wine, tomato, sauce, chopped, fresh, parsley, shelled, pea, medium, potatoes, butter, milk

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
21 servings

Fat 10.94g
Fiber 0.74g
Sodium 142.21mg
Calories 148.58kcal
Protein 8.55g

Lazy Cottage Pie Recipe (essortment.com)

Made With: ground, beef, cream, mushroom, soup, onion, mashed, potatoes

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
25 servings

Fat 5.13g
Fiber 0.86g
Sodium 325.58mg
Calories 119.16kcal
Protein 8.18g

Cottage Pie ( authentic Irish recipe ) (food.com)

Made With: ground, beef, oil, onion, finely, chopped, tomatoes, thyme, sage, parsley, medium, potatoes, boiled, mashed, tender

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
25 servings

Fat 5.28g
Fiber 1.29g
Sodium 189.48mg
Calories 116.25kcal
Protein 8.24g

Cottage pie - about this recipe (cookipedia.co.uk)

Made With: olive oil, medium, carrot, grated, lean, beef, mince, tomatoes, stock, tomato

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
23 servings

Fat 3.64g
Fiber 1.14g
Sodium 442.18mg
Calories 109.88kcal
Protein 11.56g

Shepherd's Pie Recipe or Cottage Pie (dianaskitchen.com)

Made With: butter, worcestershire, sauce, egg, separated, potatoes, boiled, mashed, finely, chopped, onion, ketchup, heavy, cream, garlic, powder, parmesan, cheese

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
18 servings

Fat 7.43g
Fiber 1.25g
Sodium 84.37mg
Calories 128.5kcal
Protein 2.59g

Comforting cottage pie (bbc.co.uk)

Made With: oil, medium, carrot, chopped, beef, mince, tomatoes, stock, tomato, potatoes, creamed, horseradish, butter, milk, brown

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
18 servings

Fat 8.01g
Fiber 1.21g
Sodium 163.94mg
Calories 133.27kcal
Protein 9.79g

Shepherd's ( Cottage ) Pie : Gaelic Goodness (cookingfortwo.about.com)

Made With: vegetable, oil, carrot, tomato, paste, dried, thyme, flour, worcestershire, sauce, frozen, pea, yukon, gold, potatoes, butter, softened

Serving Size: 50g / 2oz.
19 servings

Fat 2.9g
Fiber 1.36g
Sodium 17.75mg
Calories 113.73kcal
Protein 2.8g

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