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  • Who can benefit from Recipe Hawk?
  • The target audience for Recipe Hawk is really anyone who cooks. A beginning cook can find recipes with simple ingredients. Experienced cooks can improve the health of their recipes and discover new ideas. A mom (or dad) can find recipes for interesting, healthy and tasty food for the entire family!
  • How is Recipe Hawk better than a search engine?
  • Recipe Hawk strives to make sure that each link is a valid recipe. Also, you can see an analysis of the nutrients in the recipe and a list of ingredients. On one page, you get a synopsis of many recipes.
    "Personalize" helps to pick out just the right recipe for you.
  • How is Recipe Hawk better than other recipe sites?
  • There are some great recipe sites on the Internet and we really don't claim to be "better" than any of them.
    Recipe Hawk just allows you to use them better. It gives you the power to sample thousands of recipe sites, large and small, each time you search by adding robust tools that give you more information than those sites do on their own.
  • How accurate is the analysis?
  • The information that Recipe Hawk uses to analyze recipes is from the United States Department of Agriculture database so the information is as accurate as we can make it, however we cannot guarantee complete accuracy.
  • Can I track my total Nutrient Intake?
  • At the current time, no. However this feature may soon be implemented.
  • How can I contact you?
  • We have an email form located here that you can use to send us a message, we do request that you provide us with a valid email as it allows us to reply with followup questions if necessary.
  • How do I use Recipe Hawk?
  • Recipe Hawk can be used several different ways:

    From a search engine result - Clicking on the Recipe Hawk result give you a page of search results for the recipe you asked for, already analyzed and sorted.

    Search for a recipe name - Enter your desired recipe name under 'Find recipes titled:' and click 'Find Recipes', you will get a similar search result page.

    Search for ingredients - Enter any number of ingredients under 'Find recipes made with:', with or without a recipe title then click 'Find Recipes'.

    Click on a recent search - Something that someone else searched for catches your eye. Click on it and see where it takes you.

    Sorting results - Recipe Hawk sorts the recipes first on how well they match your query. Then they are sorted based upon how you 'personalize' the page. If 'less fat' is first on your list of nutrients, then Recipe Hawk will consider that to be most important to you.
  • Can I customize Recipe Hawk?
  • Soon.

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